Unique Products from Creative Folks

We are inspired by you. The creators and innovators that make this life a bit more fun and interesting. Fizola was created because of you! And we are here for you. Our mission is to provide as many tools and resources as possible to help support your creative business.

Why Fizola?

For Shoppers

A Marketplace Blog
We are constantly knocking about the internet seeking and posting the hippest products on the internet. Throughout our website, we provide links to some amazing brands and companies. We also invite crafters, artist, and suppliers of unique products to sell their wares on Fizola.

For Sellers

We Don’t Want All of your Money
Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our vendors at the lowest possible price. We don’t charge listing or membership fees. You only pay when your item sells.

Widely Used Platform
Fizola is developed using WooCommerce along with other amazing plugins. If you are familiar with WooCommerce, you will have an easy time managing your listings. And if you have not utilized WooCommerce, you will find it quite intuitive. 

Our goal is to keep things super simple and transparent on our website. So don’t expect a bunch of bells and whistles or constant changes. That’s just not for us.

Curated Marketplace
We are a curated marketplace which means a better shopping and selling experience for all of our users.

If you think your products would be a good fit on our marketplace blog, we invite you to apply to sell.