FAQ for Sellers

How Do I List My Products on Fizola?

Fizola is a curated marketplace blog. You can apply to sell your products via the link below:

Apply to Sell

How Does Fizola Work?

Fizola is a curated marketplace blog. We feature unique goods, handmade wares and craft supplies from curated vendors. When a someone purchases an item on Fizola, they are buying directly from the vendor.

We do review all of our vendors before they can list their products. If you think your products would be a good fit, please apply via the link below.

Apply to Sell


Do I Have to Offer Free Shipping to Sell on Fizola?

We wanted our entire marketplace to offer free shipping. It keeps things simple for everyone. We realize that this may not work for every vendor, but if it will work for you, please apply to sell.

What Can I Sell on Fizola?

Our marketplace features uniquely designed products from various companies and individuals. We are looking for products that serve a unique purpose, awe us because of its design/beauty, or fixes a problem.

We love handmade products as they usually do fit the criteria above. So if you sell handmade goods we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to apply to sell, please visit the apply to sell page.

Apply to Sell

What Items Are Prohibited on Fizola?

Fizola is a curated marketplace and we limit what can be sold and/or promoted through our website. These items may present legal risk and/or not fit in with our values as a marketplace.

Please review the list below:

  • Products made from Fur
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs
  • Dangerous Goods Such as Explosives, Flammable Items, Gases, Radioactive Material, Recalled Items, Weapons and Toxic Substances
  • Items that Promote, Support, or Glorify Hatred
  • Illegal Items, Items that Promote Illegal Activity, and Highly Regulated Goods
  • Pornography, Mature Content, and Adult Toys


How Do I Get Paid?

Fizola utilizes Stripe Payments to process orders. You will need to connect your Stripe account to Fizola if you wish to use our shopping cart.

Once you are connected to Stripe, when someone purchases an item from you using the Fizola shopping cart, the payment will go directly to your Stripe account. We do collect our commission (transaction fee) when the purchase happens. For example if someone purchases a $100 item from your shop, you would receive $100 minus the (Fizola Transaction Fee) minus the (Stripe Connect Fee).


How Long Do My Items Stay Listed?

Items on Fizola do not have a listing expiration date.

Do I Have to Live in the United States of America to Sell Products?

Yes. All of our vendors are required to live within the borders of the USA.

Can I Sell My Products Outside of the United States?

For items sold through Fizola, utilizing our shopping cart, the shipping address must be within the United States.

How Many Items Can I List?

We limit our vendors to 500 items. If you need to list more than that, please reach out to us and we will review your account.